Zackys Backroad Adventures

Motorcycle trips of a lifetime!



Zackys Mission Statement

Zackys Backroad Adventures is no longer an entity. 

2019 was our last year of operations.

This website will remain to share any 

motorcycle events that may interest any

motorcycle enthusiast that have followed ZBA 




Zackys Vision 

Jim and Tom met several years ago at Zacky's Custom Bike shop and they became friends instantly when Tom told Jim his bike was too small for him - Tom's always been one who speaks his mind. They started riding together. On one of their backroad adventures, they were sitting in a gorgeous spot enjoying a cold beverage. Tom suggested they share some of the beautiful backroads, scenery, and out-of-the-way places with people who didn't have the time or local knowledge to discover these places for themselves.  Over the years they have created some very innovative methods of riding in groups, planning detailed itineraries, and providing an experience that goes beyond the ride.

Their goal is to provide you with a backroad experience you will always remember… one you can’t wait to do again.

A typical ride will include a Road Captain, a Tailgunner, and a camera bike.  The trip will be somewhere you have never been and may not even realize existed.  Your adventure will be documented by a photographer….riding your bike with distinctive scenery in the background and your unique experiences.  Rides will be tailored to your interests, abilities, and schedule.  There will always be an unexpected surprise along the way.  Jim and Tom are constantly developing new ideas to make your rides one-of-a-kind.

It's not enough to say it will be a trip of a lifetime….because if you stick with Zackys Backroad Adventures….you’ll have many of those!